Wednesday, August 01, 2007


What is it to be the Antichrist?
The word Christ arises from the Greek word Χριστός (Christós) which means "The Anointed One".
Within the Hebrew tradition of ancient Isreal someone who rose to the status of high priest would be anointed with oils to be consecrated for the role. The practice was the same for those who rose to be King as well as for Prophets.
The word antichrist is composed of the Greek words αντί + χριστος (antí + khristos) It is frequently translated to mean one who is opposite to the anointed one.
However, the Greek anti can mean "as" and so antichrist can also be translated as "in place of Christ" and refer to one who is striving to be in the place of Christ.
What a conundrum.
How can one become anointed without first seeking to be anointed?
In lines of Kings and Priest there will always be an heir or disciple groomed to fill the position of their elder.
In the progression from neophyte to adept, the Christ will always have once been the Antichrist - the one that comes to replace the Christ.

And so, in the battle between the old Anointed One and the one who comes to replace him, which side would you take?

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