Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It All Began As A Drip

It all began as a drip, a beautiful slippery bulb of dream juice, suddenly so pregnant with itself it discovered a new direction...the first direction: down.
Growing heavier and heavier it gradually changed shape, a drop of dew at branches end in slow motion. A new form emerges, momentarily resembles an inverted Fleur de Ly, then trickles down, down, down and forks into two lines rolling ever downward to cross paths and diverge again, a double helix of myth-blood, serpents entwined, the tree of life.
From primordial liquid silver violet soup born, the twins; Oh most beloved, Lilith and Samael, the draconigena. Edrakon, clear sighted.
And beneath heavens floor where the roots of the tree of life become its branches their blind counter parts dare to become like their image sake. To eat of the fruit of the tree of life, to taste Lilith’s sweet lips, to succumb to Samael's song is to choose exile from the world of shadows, to dwell eternally in the bright and unbearable light of union. The poison of everlasting life, corrosive, brilliant, shameless, is the gift of the Ari, the shining ones, the curse of the most devout.

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