Thursday, August 02, 2007

Experiment: Fisher King

Create a an altar with photographs of yourself progressing from infancy to adulthood. At the center of the altar use a photograph of your father and create some semblance of a throne for this picture to rest on.
Light candles and incense. Put a great deal of attention into the set up, be as creative and artistic as possible. Do not think of it in terms of creating a traditional altar, think of it in terms of creating a set for a play or puppet show.
Create a crown. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish but it should fit upon your head. Place this and a robe on the altar before your fathers throne.
The robe can be a ritualistic garment, a simple terrycloth bathrobe, or a sheet that can be draped around your body.
When everything is prepared and the scene is set, bow to the four directions and cross your heart.
Approach the altar and say:

" I have come to bear the burden."

Remove your father;s photograph from the throne and replace it with one of your own. Put on the robe and place the crown upon your head. Extend your arms to both sides palms facing upward. Then bring them together over your heart in a prayer position, palms together, fingers pointing upwards.

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