Thursday, June 27, 2013


This writer is either purposely confusing
or simply obfuscating
Are you on the Kool-Aid?
(There's plenty more if you need some.)

The diagram you put up
shows levels of creation.
I could make the argument
the spells from the old books are
basically saying that unity is the real,
individuality the illusion...
we've got to live
with an angel and devil or wolf and a sheep
inside our self at all times.

Yes. We know this.
But what that is, nobody knows. Do you?
Once I read
I read and read
when it boils down to it,
all this reading shows that
Death is the teacher.
The plants, the milk, the clouds.
They were the warriors:
by them this light was brought hither.

I've never seen them
trying to strive to be God
or strive to be a rock.
But then this go on to say
Whatever he desired from the Mother,
that the Subject furnished,
as a friend from his own spirit.
Of course this is true.

So both are saying that
although not the same.
The Subject is the teacher.
The Mother rules, shines forth.
Light becomes the ruler.

Looking at life
and how it is set out
you have to strive to be
any of those things.
You have to.

Admittedly, an audience of terrestrials
is all you will ever achieve.
Is that supposed to be good?
Who knows how many people heard this
when it was first written.
They didn't, they don't.

Through holy discipline and creative fervour
the king protects his kingdom.
The teacher through his own holy life
seeks and finds the Subject.

It's very clear what you should think
we should be clear and correct.
People can come to their own conclusions.
I've kept pretty quiet about this.
I'm with you, whatever side you come down on.

Through holy discipline,
through creative fervour,
the gods drove away death.
By his holy discipline he brought the light to the gods.

Belief in angels ....God..... Or burning bushes
all of that man's imagination.
How do you get to the Real?

I don't have much to add beyond this.
The plants, that which was and shall be, day and night,
the tree, the year along with the seasons,
have sprung from the Subject.
Its shines a light
this is what these voices are saying.

There are relationships between all these levels
start looking at what's really been said.

This made me so mad when I first heard it.
My former fellow workers!
How could you have fallen so low!
When it is too hot, jump into the furnace!

The earthly and the heavenly animals,
the wild and the domestic,
the wingless and the winged,
they have all sprung from the Subject.
This is the math.

You've thought a lot about this.
But there is a lot of venom in your words.
I'm not going to argue
I am totally confused.
I need a number.

All the creatures of The Mother
carry breath in their souls.
All these the Spirit, which has been brought hither in the Subject, protects.
This, that was set into motion by the gods,
that is insurmountable, that moves shining forth.

But some things are not you.
You are more than things.
You are beyond things, you must step outside of the thing.
But the chart is useful. I must admit.

The writer insists on continuous willful obfuscation.
I can't believe that you seem to buy
something so difficult to understand.
You go over it and over it.
It only starts all over again.

The Subject carries the shining Spirit:
into this all the gods are woven.
Producing the inhale and the exhale,
language, thought, heart, spirit, and wisdom.
You give us sight, hearing, glory, food, semen, blood, and belly!

You can handle things
see them for what they are,
even the human body
nothing more than a thing.

It's difficult to compare.
We are one person, not many.
But nobody really knows this
although you might in some fashion.

What did you do to make
these things seem real.
What was it?
Then you became identified with them.
You are them as those things are you.
They can't be without you
you can't be without them.
Actually you aren't any Thing.

I must warn you now: this is a Spell.
The Spirit caste are the only ones authorized
to cast these spells.
In casting them, they save the universe from destruction.

So, if you accept this:
unity is, individuality is not.
Add another thousand years
to the time we have known this.

Why is this an illusion?
It seems like a valid assumption.
Be here now,
Let the evils of the day be sufficient for us.
Let the evils come on to me daily.

The big confusion
lies in the fact that the gods
do not pay
though they should.

I say again:
This writer is either purposely confusing
or simply obfuscating.
It seems like a valid assumption.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Know

I don’t know yet and I probably never will.
Everything is better that way. Not knowing anything for certain, so certain so certain so certain. Let it be a mystery.
Whatever it is let it touch you, kiss your mind open your face with mouth yawning wide in response to a curious sensation. Want to chop it up, box it label it, display it? Such a pathetic response to the real deal.

The real deal, ha! No real way, no way. Something comes out and we say, “don’t let it stop!” Just one moment after the next, never knowing, like a snow bird, robin was it?
Cardinal poised on the branch, little red riding hood. Nobody knows, nobody knows. The trouble I’ve seen? It didn’t trouble me at all when I went all jiggly like jelly melting over hot cake.
What the hell. No mind. Don’t nobody mind what’s going down here.
Didn’t I sing to the walls last night? Waking them up to the starlight and moonbeams and the little exploding lights in the sky.

I am so far from home, a weary traveler.
There is no such thing as home after all. We’ll always be moving if we want to remain alive, some part must always be in motion. If it isn’t the outside that lacks the charms of home then it’s the inside rearranging, that sensation of loosing my mind.
Loosing it is so different from letting it go. Loosing implies the grasping, the desperate urge to contain, while letting is a form of adoration.

What is more important than love?
Such a stupid word for a thing that stands outside of the kingdom of syllabic moaning and groaning. In human bodies, out of human bodies.
What is it, this thing we call life, now, love?
I don’t know and why strive to know through entrapment and dissection. Let it flow freely through whatever I am, wherever I am, whenever I can. Ride this pale horse this strange fleshy creature, a mighty big dog,
Oh death the eternal dark place from which we emerge and to which we return like a bright and shining eye eclipsed by a lid, in with a blink.
Flash one life, flash two life, flash three…The blink of an I . I am this, I am that, I am that I am, say on sayer. Whatever you wish is my command.

 I can change my mode, mode, mode, mode. Cause I’m a billion different people from one day to the next. A slippery sliding whatever it is.
I already told you I don’t know. I don’t know and you don’t know because it can’t be held without dying, like butterflies or opals or those dripping stalagmites beneath the earth.
You can’t hold life, liberty, love in your hand or even in the intestinal coils of the brain. God, it’s stuffed with packing peanuts.

The main point is not what I think with words, the main thing is conductivity. We just need to let it flow right through, and knowing most definitely obstructs the flow because when we know we no longer seek, we hold the crumpled dead thing in our hand and say this is a butterfly.
But this is not a butterfly. This is a crushed dead thing. Butterflies fly and extend long black tongues into flowers to extract nectar from bright blooms, all things that cannot happen when they are held in your hand.
In that moment that you reach out and grab it, it ceases to be what it was, because we are motion.
That is all. We are not what we think. We are what we do. You only exist when in motion.

You are nothing when you are speculating, thinking, waiting. Of course I can’t be certain about this or any of the things that can be said.
They will wiggle away, change into something new, and leave me holding their jackets, looking shocked. I can only let it roll out, rush through a thing in motion, something that I call love or life or liberty.
What I call it and what it is. Two separate animals. An arbitrarily designated connection.
Everything is better this way, not knowing anything for certain, letting whatever it is unfold unimpeded.
Go go little butterfly, dragonfly shape shifter. Questions are so much more useful than answers.

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