Monday, September 24, 2007

Experiment: Self Remembrance Express

Board a crowded bus or train.
Once seated, invoke your presence. To aid you in this, place your attention on your entire body including the empty space three inches above the skin. Keep your eyes open and seeing but preserve your attention to self.
Feel that you are in a space all your own, the interests and psychic activity of the others on board the vessel should not intrude. You prevent them from intruding by simply keeping your attention on self rather than placing it wholly on them. It is okay to look at and perceive them, just remember yourself at the same time.
If you find that you have gotten caught up in a thought of one kind or another, simply bring your attention back to your own body. Keep track of the frequency with which you completely forget yourself.
Stay onboard for approximately 15 minutes before getting off. Repeat the entire experiment during the return voyage.
Record you observations for future reference.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ask Yourself

What aspect of self might possibly survive death?
Is it your personality?
Imagine you, your fears, your solid likes and dislikes, your habits, your predisposition towards being happy or sad or angry carrying on and on and on. You may tell yourself that given eternal life you could change those aspects that (from your present perspective) are undesirable and perfect those that strike you as being ideal, but if you couldn’t do it in 70 or 80 years with the uncertainty of death looming on the horizon, why would you bother later?
Whatever it is that you do now, that is precisely what you would do with an afterlife.
A soul?
What is that exactly? Assuming that you have one, which you may not at this point, would you be able to operate it?
Recall the difficulty involved in being inside of a physical body as an infant. You had no control, were completely disoriented, the body needed to grow and develop.
Do you assume that you will be able to develop your soul after you die? What if life is the low impact period reserved for developing a soul? What if death is not at all peaceful, but rather a high pressure, high speed whirlwind experience?
If a a naked baby were deposited in the center of, or even on the shoulder of a busy highway how do you think it would fare?
It would be unlikely to survive the experience.
Ask yourself: what might the purpose of mortal life be?
Is it to be enjoyed as long as you follow the rules so that you may go on to enjoy yet another purposeless existence? Might it be a preparatory space?
If you think that you will survive death, look to your dreams.
In your dreams, are you always the same character that you play during waking life?

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


What could be done with an extended mortal existence?

To become more intuitive, more perceptive, and to experience abnormal longevity, of what use would this be?

Who wants to make it to the dark edge of reason and perception?

Why not allow entropy to work its debilitating magic, stand back and allow all of your senses to atrophy?

Why not smoke another cigarette, watch another episode of your favorite tv show, and eat a snack sweetened with an industrial bi-product?

What is worth doing?

What can really be done?

Why not succumb to apathy and go quietly?

What could be done with a life of any span at all?

Why not trust that you are being cared for by some benevolent being?

Why not ask god to do everything for you?

What could you do for God?

In whom can you place your trust?

The answer to all these questions is elusive and lies in a single chamber, a single space which must be found again and again.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Pure Being

The pure being, the no mind, the formless plain of pure knowledge belongs to the Dragon. This we call the awakened state.
To be an element within a dream world that stimulates lucidity is to be a force for evil. That which contributes to awakening goes against the nature of sleep. All spiritual work is evil, otherwise it is not spiritual work at all, but rather trickery.
It is in the best interest of the dream that the elements of the dream lack self awareness and presence. Therefore the dream will do its best to ensnare the awakened element, seduce it back into a peaceful or tormented slumber.
One awakened agent can disturb the entire dream to the point of ending it.
Engaging in spiritual work may bring about the end of the world. This happens eventually anyway, the end of the world that is, whether it is your fault or not. If you have worked well in one dream world and gathered enough presence you may continue in the next. If not, you evaporate with the rest of the dream.
Immortality has to be worked for, it is unnatural.
You won’t experience immortality as a result of being "good" and not disrupting the dream.
The meek will inherit the earth and rot there, six feet under. Meanwhile there is no rest for the wicked.
Resist the pull of sweet sister sleep and live evil.
If you don’t, someone else will, over and over and over again.

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