Monday, September 24, 2007

Experiment: Self Remembrance Express

Board a crowded bus or train.
Once seated, invoke your presence. To aid you in this, place your attention on your entire body including the empty space three inches above the skin. Keep your eyes open and seeing but preserve your attention to self.
Feel that you are in a space all your own, the interests and psychic activity of the others on board the vessel should not intrude. You prevent them from intruding by simply keeping your attention on self rather than placing it wholly on them. It is okay to look at and perceive them, just remember yourself at the same time.
If you find that you have gotten caught up in a thought of one kind or another, simply bring your attention back to your own body. Keep track of the frequency with which you completely forget yourself.
Stay onboard for approximately 15 minutes before getting off. Repeat the entire experiment during the return voyage.
Record you observations for future reference.

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