Saturday, September 22, 2007


What could be done with an extended mortal existence?

To become more intuitive, more perceptive, and to experience abnormal longevity, of what use would this be?

Who wants to make it to the dark edge of reason and perception?

Why not allow entropy to work its debilitating magic, stand back and allow all of your senses to atrophy?

Why not smoke another cigarette, watch another episode of your favorite tv show, and eat a snack sweetened with an industrial bi-product?

What is worth doing?

What can really be done?

Why not succumb to apathy and go quietly?

What could be done with a life of any span at all?

Why not trust that you are being cared for by some benevolent being?

Why not ask god to do everything for you?

What could you do for God?

In whom can you place your trust?

The answer to all these questions is elusive and lies in a single chamber, a single space which must be found again and again.

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