Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Human Health Quiz

 Human Health Quiz
Period 3

1. True or False: The slower the vibration the denser the matter, thus our physical bodies are seemingly solid compared to our subtler bodies due to slower vibration.

2. The second body is composed of three layers. List these layers.

3. It is at this level that we process life force energy for use at the physical level. 
A. the Etheric Double.
B. the Casual Body
C. LV37

4. The aspect of our energy field that contains the patterns which will determine who we essentially are.
A. the “seed body”
B. the casual body
C. none of the above
D. both A. and B.

5. True or False: “Sludge” is the slang for the nutritional paste administered to patients in the LV37 trials.

6. LV37 was administered to terminal test subjects with which of the following conditions;
A. Multiple Myeloma
B. Lymphoma
C. Aids
D. None of the above
E. All of the above
F. A. and B.

7. True or False: Chakras are energy passageways between layers of the Aura.

8. The agent responsible for initiating and maintaining the chemical processes that regulate growth, aging, and the body’s ability to heal, as well as metabolism, stamina, and mood is:

A. The endocrine system
B. Chakras
C. The Sludge
D. the LV37 synthetic
E. None of the above
F. All of the above

9. True or False: The escape of patients from the LV37 trails led to the Synthetic Pandemic of 2021.

10. The Synthetic Pandemic is also known as:

A. The Nano Plague
B. The Zombie Apocalypse
C. The Living Death
D. All of the above
E. None of the above.
F. Both A. and C only.
G. Both A. and B only.

11. In what year did Dr. Fredrick Mann initiate the LV37 trials?

12. True or false: Dr. Annie Hovus was the first human to be accidentally infected with LV37 when she was bitten by 5 year old patient Gita Nughali during the clinical trial.

13. Chakras connect to the functions of the physical body via the endocrine glands. What role did the introduction of LV37 play in opening the gateway to world 42?

14. List three ways one may become infected with LV37.

15. The remedy for LV37 is:

A. Dismemberment
B. Napalm
C. Auric Attunement
D. The Sludge
E. None of the above.
F. All of the above.
G. Both A and B.

16. Humans infected with LV37 perish within:
A. 48 hours
B. 2-4 weeks
C. Never
D. Those infected with LV37 are no longer human.
E. None of the above
F. A. C. and D only.

17. Name the etheric points that connect the various subtle layers of the human energy field.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Red Riding Hood

The fire. I watched them dance about the fire and feast at tables of stone. Another time I burned a wolf alive as it leapt to taste my flesh. The time I am thinking of is now, when I run through the darkness towards the fire's distant glimmer, hammer in hand.
There was a time before now when I was the mother, when I was the Grandmother, and each time I have also been a daughter and that comes before as well. When the world ended there was still life, still fire, still iron and steel, but time was no more.
I remember being daughter running through the ruins, my breath burning in my lungs as the wolf followed. Being hunted then, a girl no more than 9 or 10, as boney as the starving beast that followed.
Running, I flung a pail full of stinking petrol upon my snarling assailant. The bucket clattered upon the concrete as the wolf made an angry sound, slowed only a little.
Through the doorways whose doors had burned out at the end of time, into the kitchen, and climbing up the heavy wire shelving to the very top where I tuck my legs close to my body and fumble open the match box and strike. Teeth gnashing the air as the canine leaps towards me. That hiss as the match catches and I flick it at the dark body rising towards me, twisting airborne and suddenly igniting with a whoosh.
Is it really silent then in Grandmother's kitchen upon the top shelf of the rack watching a wolf burn alive? Or was it a noise too terrible to remember?
It was my mother who killed that first wolf with a bucket of petrol and a match. It was my daughter. It was myself. It was only a little wolf, but I was only a little girl. A girl who ran not away from, but towards wolves ever after.
I watched their fires from a distance. Who am I? Mother. Daughter. Grandmother. Their fires burn against the black and I see them dancing, casting long shadows against the wall. I watch them eat at stone tables built before the end of time. The heat can almost reach me, even from so far.
Just the sight of distant flame can be hearth to me for one moment as my soul reaches cold hands towards the light. It reminds me of civilization, Grandmother’s house, mother's heart beat, father's beard.
But I turn away from it eventually, as I must. Their halls are not mine, and people can be worse than wolves.
That was another time. Now I am thinking about now, the moment before the end of time, the fires that scorch the world and send people into holes like rabbits. The fire that burns in our bones and makes us sick even after the light is gone. The fire that will twist through generations of wolves making them taller and  mightier. It will run its fingers through our minds even when it seems to have forgotten our bodies, the fire that burns deep, kissing the center of creation.
Sometimes I remember being a star, great, great, Grandmother. Sometimes I stare at the alpha through crosshairs, holding my breath, squeezing the trigger. My footprints dot the snowy plains. I dye their white coats red and make a heavy hooded cloak. They know me among the ruins. Word has spread of the wolf killer.
Many of these people don’t remember the time before the end of time. This is the world as it has always been to them. Sometimes I wear the red cloak of fur made by my mother and track the wolf that killed her. Sometimes I am the fire at the end of the world swallowing itself.
The fire. I watched them dance about the fire and feast at tables of stone. Another time I burned a wolf alive as it leapt to taste my flesh. The time I am thinking of is now, when I run through the darkness towards the fire's distant glimmer, hammer in hand. This is the weapon that is left to me after I met with the wolves who were men.
I am running ahead, daughters, mothers, Grandmothers left behind me. I am running towards the fires that may be the end of the world. I am running towards the wolves.

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