Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Being in the Machine

For our initial purposes, we can define the human animal as a machine that can function from birth to death, and enjoy a healthy expanse of time between those two points, without an objective operator.
During this time the majority of Human Machines do no more than convert higher vibrational energies into lower vibrational energies. The energy of the sun is absorbed and transformed by plants which are then ingested and transformed by animals which are further ingested by human animals and transformed mainly into shit (which will be ingested and transformed by creatures that will never be featured favorably in a Disney Musical), although some of the energy consumed will be used by the machine to maintain its functioning until it can make it to the next meal or to an exciting opportunity to reproduce itself.
Those things which arise from the three ruling centers of the human machine: its physicality, its emotions, and its intellectual ruminations, are of such a low vibrational quality that they will not survive the point of death.
To make sure that what is said here is not misconstrued as having something to do with morality,(which, by the way, is a construct of the machine's intellectual center, formed during the early years of the machine's development as the result of social and cultural conditioning, and which, therefore, has no objective relevance.) it must be explained that "low" as used here, is not synonymous with "bad". It is not being suggested that they will not survive because they are "bad" or inherently "evil", but rather that they will not survive because they are composed of lower frequencies (slower).
They are the result of a progression that losses energy (and slows it down) at every step, without ever regaining more than it has lost. And so, the human machine is an apparatus which under normal and natural circumstances transforms what is full of energy ( and with that word energy, throw in the words movement and life) into that which is without it. The human machine is one element within a disassembly line.
Consider that there is a primordial substance, which is eternally present in every moment, in every manifestation, vibrating at all levels. It is present, but inactive. It is even present within the Human Machine, a dormant kernel, as passive as you are when watching the horrors and delights of your own dreams in deep sleep. This passive primordial substance is what we refer to as the Being.
It is pure presence, and we will sometimes refer to it as such. The dark side of the moon of creation, its silvery network runs through all of existence, silent, unmoving, a highway waiting to be etched into everything that is, isn’t, will, or was.
It is either the silent prisoner of the Human Machine or an indifferent passenger, depending on your point of view.
Activated, it becomes the possibility for an experience outside of the disassembly line. It is possible for the small fragment of this substance which is submerged in the human machine to be developed. Like the ovum waiting in the uterus for fertilization, the Being lodged within the machine awaits insemination.
The Being is activated by attention. Under its tantalizing influence, the Being blossoms. When the machine is stripped away, it is a pure presence that remains, the Being. If, in that moment of revealing we call death, it is still a seed, then it has missed it’s opportunity to germinate and grow in the rich fecundity of the Human Biological Machine.

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