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"You know," she said, "I just can’t get used to the idea of loving everything. Sacheverell says I’ve got to be nice to my little people and stop sticking hatpins in them and things, but it’s hard."
-The Green Millennium, Fritz Leiber

Within a dream everything that is encountered is a manifestation of the dreamer. Every situation, every encounter between characters is an encounter between the dreamer and the dreamer. The only thing that the dreamer is experiencing, is itself.
The old witch who cuts you up and eats you in soup is you.
The young lover that holds your hand and stares longingly into your eyes, also you.
When you enter a malicious dark room where objects move of their own accord that is you as well.
When you lay your head down to rest each night you go on to dream dreams within a dream. Those dreams may in turn be dreaming further dreams themselves.

What, in a dream, can really happen?

There is a line of dream creatures that hold to the principle that the only "real" thing to be done is to establish a connection with the other dreamers.
To do this, everything encountered is treated as the embodiment of that being.
To do this, a dream creature must awaken within a dream.
Within this model, everything that is encountered is an expression of self. Everyone becomes a mirror. What you experience outwardly correlates directly to something that is happening within your psyche.
To modify the outward experience one would need to manipulate something internally. Then through this application of tender attention to every detail of the dream, something strange might happen.
A motion might be produced that would be the equivalent of the shore rolling out to the sea in a great wave.
That is to say, that there can be produced, strange vibrations initiated by a sideways movement that defies the logic and order of the dream.
The reverberations would extend in every direction, immeasurably. These efforts create strange growths of a benign nature on the shells of tortoises.
Picture it as a 3D bubble emerging from a 2D experience. Or, if you have the organs of perception and imagination and comprehension to do so, picture it as a 4D bubble emerging from a 3D experience.

For the next week, during all moments of experience, assume that you are dreaming. Every time that you remember that you are dreaming, look at your hand.
Before going to bed, set the intention that you will remember that you are dreaming during the course of that dream within a dream. When you remember that you are dreaming, look at your own hand.

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