Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Labyrinth which began as a unicursal path developed into the Maze.
In a Maze you face the challenges of a multicursal design: paths divide, there are dead ends, trap doors, and illusions designed to deceive.
Many Mazes can be navigated by keeping the right hand to the right wall, and in this way a voyager may find the center. In some cases this rule is void.
What is the secret to finding ones way through a maze?
It is often true that the path which seems correct and most direct does not in fact lead to the heart, it is a deception. In some, there is no way to go back the way you came in, having entered you must proceed forward.
The Messara Labyrinth of Crete lies beneath the surface of the earth. It took two hours to navigate through its dark design if one knew the way. But what if one did not know the way through? It was of the kind of Maze that does not allow a voyager to retrace their steps. Once inside, retreat is impossible, as irrevocable as birth or death. In darkness, unsure of the way, tormented by the certainty that something both terrible and majestic lies in wait at its heart, what manner of man would be able to proceed?

At Messara the entrance to the Labyrinth is in one world, the exit opens into another. From the heart a second journey is launched. Having confronted what waits in the center, the voyager must find their way and emerge into a new land.

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