Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The unnatural use of sexuality for purposes other than ordinary reproduction has troubling consequences.
If you are subverting the sexual energy and directing it towards a purpose other than the perpetuation of the present species, you are moving against life as it has thus far been expressed.
Why would one attempt to purposefully cause a mutation?
Can it be that Pasiphae chooses to be the mother of Asterion?
That the curse is an honor?
Can it be that both Jesus and Merovee are akin to Asterion, a part of the same line; a line that seeks to cross breed life and death?
From the Arcadians to the Merovingians the story lives, the line is preserved. From a white bull sent by Posideon to father the Minotaur to the Quinataur or Bistea Neptunis come to sire Merovee, we hear of a beast from the deep, with horns, a white bull, or a sea monster. Pasiphae is the grandaughter of Oceanus. Along with Prometheus and Themis, (who told Deucalion to throw the bones of his Mother over his shoulder to create a new race of mankind after the Deluge.)
Oceanus would not side with his brother Kronos, a ruler of the world in the Titanomachy. There have been, since the most primordial expression, forces that work in opposition to creativity and change and forces that are willing to steal fire, throw bones, conduct genealogical experiments, and resist authority.
We who are present now are derivatives of these forces, the sum of their strange division and multiplication.

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