Monday, December 17, 2007


Asterion, of the sea born.
Two fathered Asterion: one father a beast, a white bull sent from the sea, the other a King.
King Minos himself the son of two fathers; the first Asterion of the stars and Zeus king of Gods in the form of a bull.
Asterion of the sea born, guardian at the center of the labyrinth, a perfected being, monstrous to men for his fierce and noble lineage.
His father's father took the shape of the bull to impregnate, and his own mother with the help of Daedulus, who built the labyrinth , also takes the shape of a bull to conceive.
He is from the maternal line and the paternal line of the white bull.
For him seven and seven are sacrificed yearly, sent into his labyrinth to appease him.
Seven women and seven men.

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