Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sacrifice in the Labyrinth

The Messara labyrinth is an underground cavern. The main entrance is a yawning cave mouth.
Asterion the Minotaur was the priest son of the king Minos. Within the earth’s womb, in the altar hall of Messara, he presided over the rituals of Crete, rituals that saw their true beginnings in the Neolithic era before recorded history, the dawn of the upright talking monkeys we call humans.
These rites have known many variations and distortions throughout the ages. It is well known that sacrifice has its place in this ancient and still living tradition, but the form that such a sacrifice takes varies. Where true knowledge is lost, or goes underground, as a result of a polarity shift, an outward expression of sacrifice will be practiced. Where it surfaces as a result of another shift, sacrifice becomes an inner work.
The Labyrinth is designed to separate the animal from the noble born. Animals will be lost within the Labyrinth’s tangled entrails. Only the perfected Being will emerge, that which is the completed fusion of the animal and the deity. The creature within the underground labyrinth, half man, half bull, demanding that humans be sent into the labyrinth as sacrifice, is eternal.
He waits to receive you.

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