Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liar Liar

What is that confusion creeping in, distorting the signal that I rode in on earlier? Can I actually talk about earlier with a straight face, as if it really happened?
The past is what we create to justify the present, or it is what propels us, but it is not real. Time is not real. How can there be even a moment? It passes instantly. You can divide it into infinitesimal smithereens, into fractions of the moments just past or fractions of the moment approaching, but never will you touch an actual now. Even the moment is unreal, making the past a most definitely slippery fish.
Of the past it is wise to use what you can and disregard what might hinder you. History is a story which can be told, and what can be told is never what actually is or was, if there could be such thing as a past or present. It may be told or remembered in a variety of ways. It is not that I suggest denying anything. I suggest accepting everything, but taking it all with a grain of salt and doing what you can with what you seem to be seeming.
Play and work with shadow and light, as objectively as you can. I was told recently in a dream that the Coyote was a liar and that as such he is an excellent teacher because all he does is feed his disciples an endless stream of lies and by so doing helps them avoid the trap of falling head over heels for one lie. This made perfect sense to me, and it should, because it was my dream, (and I am Wiley).
You must treat the past as the set up for the play or dream that you are seemingly in at the so called present. You will find that this is an improvised theater piece, there is no script. Improv is best enjoyed when it takes unexpected directions. There is no right or wrong line or action in an improvised piece of dream theater. The only thing that doesn’t go over well is to freeze up and stop, and just let the circumstances and other players push you about like a piece of moldy bread.
It will be difficult to be creative if you are strongly identified with the thoughts, feelings, desires, and woes of the character you seem to be in this moment. If you are to attached to the background story and your characters motivations, you will miss out on the strange opportunity to awaken within the character prancing about inside of the anxiety dream theater.
To enable you to awaken, it is useful to stop viewing the world set from inside your character and instead put your attention on the setting around the character.
Examine your surroundings now. See them as a dream, that is what they are after all. (You would not be reading this unless you were dreaming.) What might the objects in your surroundings suggest? Read the set the way you would interpret a dream. Let it speak to you symbolically. Begin to feel yourself as your surroundings. From this perspective you can then begin to choose how to move your character through your dream.
The confusion, the distortion, is derived from a state of forgetfulness, a state of consciousness that you have cycled into, which is not conducive to lucid dreaming. In such a state it is difficult to perceive your character and its surroundings as a dream. In that state you cannot make a choice. Things seem to be happening to you, and they seem real. You seem to be unquestionably and inescapably you.
If you have ever dreamed within this dream, you may recall that in that scenario you have at times been other people, other creatures, and at times no one at all, only an observer of events as they unfold. At the "time" you may have seemed convinced that you were a dog, or a pirate, or a princess, or a black and white cartoon. If you can remember that you were once a black and white cartoon, but at present find that you are something else, then rest assured that whatever you are now will be something remembered by another you which you may seem to be later.
No single dream, no one I, is more real than another. Remember that you will think that you have lived a lifetime. Of course you haven’t. That recollection comes standard with this particular dream.
I will tell you one last little lie:
You do not dream sequentially (or at least I do not, and I am you), rather the dreams ARE, and you may choose to, or not to, sequence them in any way that appeals to your sequencer. Your sequencer is probably sequencing without you noticing, which is how you came to accept the con of time and gained the ability to read this text.
Before I leave you, if it pleases you, know that I did keep a straight face earlier. If it does not please you, rest assured, there was no earlier.

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