Monday, May 26, 2008

The Gate of No Gates

This is the key.
Right now.
This moment, in this body, is the key to the kingdom. You can ignore it. You can struggle against it, try to separate yourself from what your perverted intellect has come to regard as the basest expression of the self, and never use the key. In some cases the intellect will not even acknowledge that the body is an expression of self. It identifies it as a thing, a disgusting prison. The intellect thinks, "I am the soul that will return to god when I am freed of this thing."
It is a very perverse notion. The intellect claims to be what it is not, an immortal. It wrongfully assumes the identity of the soul and in so doing "kills" the possibility for the real thing. That which insists that it is better than the other parts of self is a braggart and an impostor, the classic poser, faking it to cover insecurity. So long as it pretends to be the soul, there can be no real soul. A soul does not exist to begin with. It has to be built, from the ground up. The soul is developed by an incarnated being. It is built around a kernel of eternity drenched in the transient. A soul cannot be formed without a body, it is developed within such a mortal apparatus. The Egyptians knew this.
A soul must be developed. What is eternal rides dormant within the transient. Something must be done to activate it, to cause the irritation that initiates the production of substances that will coat it.
That is how to build a soul.
Inside a body. Within the womb that is fleshy manifestation. So long as you struggle to escape your body you are neglecting to undertake the creation of a multidimensional spaceship.
The gate of no gates lies within, not without.
To begin to build this magnificent vessel one must first face the difficult idea that you are not an immortal being. You are an advanced operating system, a program that has gone wildly out of control, doing all that it can do to convince itself of its own realness, longing for an unattainable permanence. Until you have faced and conceded your impermanence you will continue to run amok, a crazed robot with a limited shelf life, desperate to make one last stand. You are an addict, addicted to particular pattern of thought which prevents you from taking real steps towards immortality. Your precious energies are fidgeted away in fantasies and dreams flowing out from you in endless streams.
To begin to build a soul one must turn back the current of those streams. The attention, the vital energy, must flow into the body, and wash over the mind, and the emotions. It must be directed inward upon the self, as much of the self as is perceptible by you at present. This inward flow of attention creates the necessary conditions for coating that eternal grain which as a result may develop into a soul.
Until the current has been reversed, nothing real is possible. To access the kingdom you must get in your skin, fill it up, wear it as a fine garment, feel it buzz.
This is the key.
Right now.
Not later.
Not when you are at last freed of the grosser bodies, not in death, but now, in life, in this body, in this moment.
What will become of your pretentious poser, the intellect, when the curtain falls and it is time to cash in your chips? If it has hijacked and wasted the entire lifetime engaged in its ruse, then that which it pretended to be will not exist. Identity will be scattered to the western winds.
If, however, preparatory steps are taken, both the experience of the life time and the experience outside of time will be altered. But a cup must be emptied before it can be filled. Visit your own portal and remove the impostor. Confront the horrors of the abyss or you will become a slave to them.
This is the key, the opportunity.
Right now.

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