Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beng's Bargain

Beware round which forbidden corner you turn, little worm. You’ve been warned that the devil waits behind the black door, and with old Beng the eternal fire burns, and suffering is assured. You have been shown that there are two paths to choose from at this fork; the path of the righteous- a straight and narrow course, and the path of the wicked- as crooked as an old man’s back. Choose the path of the righteous and your fate is painted over the door of the butcher’s shop and spelled out for you over his block. For see, the straight and narrow is like a conveyor belt carrying you most assuredly through the great factory farm to the bright white light of the slaughter house, and once you’ve settled on that course you’ve no more choices to make. You will be processed and packaged and fed back into the hungry mouth of the organic mass and the heavenly peace of eternal sleep shall be yours. Choose door number two and your foot is in a different shoe altogether, for once you go past the black door marked "yes", you will be assaulted by all the color denied the inhabitants of the two toned world. Here you will be faced with multiple choice, a never ending network of diverging branches, a veritable tree of life through which you must learn to flow like quickened sap. It is a gauntlet through which you will run with no hope of respite. Your lot is not the comfort of an undisturbed slumber, yours is an eternity of wakeful motion, of building beyond binary choices. To live well beyond the black door you must become a god. Hell is everywhere, inescapable but deniable. You were in hell before you chose black over white, you were in hell even after you chose one or the other, but behind the white door you submit to it, sleep through it to deny it, escape the difficulty involved in being responsible for it by ignoring it. Behind the black door you reign in hell, it belongs to you, every torturing moment of existence, all of the tiny and infinite details. You are a small god with the potential to grow, for whatever you can take responsibility for is yours, whatever you can hold suspended with your attention in the great cosmic juggling act becomes you, expands you, or rather you expand into it.
Honestly, worm, looking back, choosing the straight and narrow is like making no choice at all. You will be carried through that door without having made any effort at all. It happens naturally. You are asking me why I insist on calling you worm. You are looking over your shoulder to see if I am addressing some other. No, it is you, exactly you and no other to whom I speak. You are the creepy crawly larvae that must break out of the cocoon. You must crack the worlds shell if you want to fly with the dragons. Staying wrapped in the comfortable blindness of your cocoon is not life at all. You will be offered two choices to begin with. If you sacrifice knowledge, freedom, the power to create and move, you may have comfort and stability. You will be handled by qualified forces. If you sacrifice your personal comfort and stability you may know, move, and build freely. You may become a force at work in the mechanics of creation. We offer no refunds, nor guarantees on either choice. You are offered this moment, as is. You must ask yourself what it means to be alive, and whether it is possible that there is some yet undiscovered value and purpose in living, a possibility not available in the dimension of the binary. It is possible that the value and purposefulness of life can only be reckoned by those who are indeed living. And worm, I can assure you that you haven’t lived until you’ve passed beyond the black door.

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