Monday, May 12, 2008

Deranged Yo-Yo's

Who are those deranged, and up and down the elevator shaft of None, yo yo’s that take on the work of liberating the primordial being that awaits at the center of the labyrinth? They are yo yo’s for they do rise and fall as necessary to navigate through the four dimensional labyrinth, and they are deranged, because they are the undoing of the organically arranged. Some are tough and some are sweet, but none could know what they were getting into until they were well into it. There is no way to convey to a non yo yo what the experience of coming unraveled is really like, you must become a yo yo to know what a yo yo knows. I can say to you, our work is to liberate the primordial being at the center of the labyrinth, but what on earth can that mean to you, because chances are good that the idea that you are a voyager lost in a labyrinth is likely to sound absurd or quaint, primordial makes you think of amoebas or dinosaurs, and liberation is an absolute junk word- it means absolute zero to you who have never actually tasted it. Even a seasoned yo yo will find it difficult to remember the secret that lays entrenched within the words and ideas espoused within and around esoteric schools, in science fiction books, on the sides of buses, and in Kung Fu movies.
Who, who, who is the Lord of the Labyrinth, when I am one and there can be no other?
What, what, what is a labyrinth, if not the shape of my own fears and fantasies?
Not just philosophically speaking, but actually, in the sensory language of liquid light that has been preserved in the darkness, feeding on rot, I am the voidness of the void. When you are ready to get off the drug of organic sleep you will find yourself in the shape of this or that guide, and if you are of a goodly kind, they may take you to the entrance of the kingdom. And you, not knowing what lies beyond may leap gleefully into the abyss.
But ha, ha, it is not such a quick and painless choice to make, for to see the hidden you will have to give up your mortal eyes and ears, and everything that you thought was true. Blind and deaf, you will have to trust your guide to lead you into the new world. You must give the guide permission to derange you so that you can see, hear and know the secret ways. It is not a momentary excursion into wonderland, from which you will re-emerge refreshed and able to enjoy your remaining biological life in the home you have always known. You are to be modified, altered, and when you have been transformed, home and biological life are no longer what they were.
Nothing can ever be the same. Just as the same man cannot set foot in the same river twice, you can never go back. You can freeze, unfinished, or move forward into the unknown. Many a Yo Yo has been lowered into that forbidding hole, and yet the experience of life on the other side of the mirror can not be told. The trick is this: if you think that this Work of liberating the minotaur is best left to another, more qualified mad man, consider that they are only a projection, an illusion dreamt by you.
You are the one trapped at the center.
You are the medium in which you are trapped.
You are your helpers and your adversaries.
The only course is to come to know yourself, and to do so you must come unraveled. Unravel to travel, dear would-be yo yo, into the center of self. Your intellect, as you know it, cannot help you. The programming you received in child hood was good for conditioning you to live within mechanical society, the society of sleep, but to see the world that you were conditioned to close your eyes to, you will have to be deprogrammed. You will need to have your brain washed. The right guide can take you to the river and wash that filthy brain right out of you, teach you to use a new set of tools for navigating spaces where brains are no help, and then, if they be a goodly guide, they will proudly boot you into the elevator shaft of None.

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