Sunday, March 02, 2008


When the Being is dormant within the machine and the machine is permitted to run its own course, we are experiencing the sleeping state. It is a state of passivity.
The awakened state is the experience of electrifying the machine and activating the Being with the mysterious power of attention. It is a state of activity.
The awakened state is not permanent. It comes and goes and grows and grows. By working towards the activation of the Being we are actively seeking the awakened state, not merely waiting for it to land upon us. With practice it is possible to maintain awakened states for longer periods of time and with greater frequency.
The awakened state is an opportunity to develop the Being. Because the being has become active, the awakened state is the opportunity to give it a work out.
To develop the Being something must be done in the awakened state. Sitting and basking in it does not give the being the opportunity to do something. It should be a physical activity through which one may be present. Anything that does not have a direct physical component may too easily fall into the realm of intellectual imagination which falls deeper into the swamp of Desire.
View each awakened state a golden opportunity to DO.
Imagine that you could only go out of your house once a year, for a few hours.
Would you stay at the doorway looking back into the house?
Work to reach the awakened state. Once you reach it, don't stop working.

Begin Working.

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