Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terrible Procedure

The terrible deed of separating the pure Being, (the primary ingredient necessary for eventually forming a soul,) from the biological human machine, (also a necessary ingredient in the recipe) is being committed daily as part of a wide scale campaign. Our souls, and the souls of our children, are being harvested before they have even developed. They are being shorn apart and the Being is left to wither away, a tiny prisoner atrophying in a dark and isolated cell submerged somewhere within the mechanics of the biological organism.
Our attention, from an early age, is misdirected for us. We are a consumer culture, asked to passively accept Hannah Montana and designer sports shoes and fast food franchises. The surgical separation of Being from machine is being executed in our living rooms as we sit before the eerie glow of the television set pushing the peas of our microwave dinners around in their individual compartments, it is happening in our school rooms under ceilings laden with asbestos or in modular units that pound like a war drum as the pupils enter the room in straight lines and proceed to their desks to fold their hands and turn their attention back to the dry erase board and the drone of a fully damaged adult machine who is ultimately eager, like every chained dog, to beat the free spirits under their dominion into submission so that they will not be alone in their dysfunction. It is happening in the den in front of a liquid crystal computer monitor where the television is enforced. It is happening on the highways lined with the mammoth billboards suggesting products that we may use to fill the void left when the Being was starved down into an invalid, it is happening on the play structure where those who are most susceptible to the multilevel procedure in turn indoctrinate their peers, bullying and tormenting.
Soon we are all the same, or at least we are all striving to be the same, and those of us who can’t achiever sameness, by age 9 (sometimes earlier)we are driven to a therapist once or twice a week and drugs are prescribed which will at last break our will to live. Then it will be easier to shuffle us around with the ringing of a bell, and by the time we are adults the routine will be engrained in the muscle memory of our bio machine so that we will be able to shuffle off to work and clock in, take a break at noon and clock out, clock back in 30 minutes later, and shuffle back out at 5 or 6 p.m., so that we can wait in nice neat lines inside of the shiny metal cars we bought with our hard earned money, and wait for the light to change colors deciding for us when we should stop and when we should go.
The very idea of being active, the notion of being a creator and not a consumer is frowned upon. Artist and musicians are bums, actors and actresses are flaky unreliable people incapable of holding regular jobs. There will be a few of them to sing the songs and play the plays that enforce and justify our consumer existence. The act of being creative has been reduced to something which should fit into this handful of categories, anything which is otherwise will not even be given an outlet as it might disturb the digestion of the masses.
We consume and, in turn, we are consumed by the companies behind the products pouring through our households like a flood of metamphetamines giving us a momentary fix, a distraction from the nagging sense of wrongness which develops into stress, nervousness, aggression, and addiction. We are reduced to complicated beasts of burden with little or no chance of forming a true soul. Bound to the worldly mechanics with only half of our self functioning, the dangerous, beautiful, and free element of self, the pure Being, having been disabled, we crawl about waiting to finally not exist, dreaming about heavens where the master will give us more of what we like to eat, but we wont have to pay for it.
This is the terrible harvesting of unformed souls taking place now on this little planet whirling around a yellow star. The culture of death and decay is most prevalent here and infectiously seeks every pocket of resistance so that it may submit and snuff out any possibility for life.

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